People Are Strange

What with people being regularly confused over my gender because I like to wear “boy’s clothes” and have a “boy’s haircut” and like “boy stuff” and with my STILL refusing to walk, people’s questions of late have reached peak stupid. It makes me tired.

I was talking with a woman who was asking about disability and I ran out of ways to explain that we are people like all other people and should be treated like people. We talked about the overly personal questions I get asked. She proceeded to ask me overly personal questions, like, RIGHT after that conversation.  It’s exhausting.

A while ago, I had a guy come up to me to ask if I needed help – I was just shopping. I couldn’t have looked less like I needed help. He did a double take, then said, “Oh, sorry. I thought you were a man”. That was double weird. Seriously, I barely have the energy.

People no doubt think I’m a little odd. I wonder if they have ANY idea how strange I think they are. I need a lie down.


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